Here are some of the ways you can use your
debit card:

  • Make ATM cash withdrawals - world-wide
  • To buy anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • To send money online

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Can’t get a PayPal Account?
Quickly establish a PayPal account in your own name. We can show you how! This can be easily done once you have a GoPay Checking account and the MasterCard debit card that comes with it.

Want To Buy and Sell on eBay or Other Auction Sites?
Using your GoPay Checking account and MasterCard debit card you can be eBaying in no time!

Need to send or receive payments online?
You can use your GoPay Checking account to accept online payments - easily retreive your money using your debit card at any ATM with a MasterCard logo world-wide.

Or You can make payments online where ever MasterCard is accepted.  

Use your GoPay Checking Account for:
  • Payroll Deposits
  • To establish a PayPal Account
  • To establish an eBay Account
  • To Send and Receive Money (International wire transfers)
  • To make payments with an eCheck
  • Just make your life simpler!
It gets even better….
Your GoPay Checking Account comes with a MasterCard debit Card!
  Get your GoPay Checking Account Today!–
Available to Everyone - Worldwide!
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